Scrivo….I write.

IMG_4608Mi vesto.  I dress.  Vado.  I go.  Mangio.  I eat.  Scrivo.  I write.  I love to travel, and some of the best memories I have brought home with me occurred at a table with people whom I love.

There is an old Italian expression that says

“Buon cibo loda Dio.”

Good food praises God.

Image 1I believe that the kitchen table is a tabernacle of sorts.  We offer love and praise as we circle around it with those whom we love the most.  We share our love, our worries, our laughter and our stories when we are seated around our tables.  Food becomes the medium with which we share love.  From all around the world, I have seen a common theme; food is love and everything tastes better when you make it for yourself.   I will show you how to make simple, easy and delicious meals to create a lifetime of memories at your own kitchen table.

No matter where in the world you may find yourself, if you are with someone you love, you are home.

Please drop me a line if you are interested in having “Scrivo.”  review your restaurant, wine label, luggage or hotel.

Mille Grazie!





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