Traveling in Rome

Traveling in Rome

Read my article about returning to Rome.  Remember to bring coins when you go for the Trevi Fountain so that you can wish to return as well.  It really is like a religious experience to see that Roman sun again as it makes the stucco glow.


For whatever reason, the hours between 3:00 and 6:00 on Friday seem to hold the most promise for the weekend.  It’s a time to plan an evening with loved ones.  Take some time and surround yourself with some fantastic wine.  Eat some freshly baked bread.  Choose a pungent, buttery cheese.

That.  Is.  The.  Weekend.

Even if we can’t jet away to a tropical island, or hole up in a luxury hotel, we can still Unwind.

It’s been a long week.  We need some time to recharge.  IMG_3405


Tomorrow marks the Ferragosto in Italy. A mass exodus of Italians will begin to make their way, like tiny sea turtles, back to the sea. To me, August seems like it should be the beginning of the new year. School children returning to classes have a clean slate, so to speak. There is a sense of promise and new beginnings for them, and their teachers. There really is nothing like the smell of new notebooks in the fall. Clean, empty, sparse pages that will hold….no one knows yet. There is where we find the promise.

The idea of starting over appeals to me at this point in thelsummer. There is a promise of harvest in the air. We begin to gather up and draw within. I feel like there is a renewal in cleaning out now and starting over. Closets, inboxes, notebooks…the fullness of negative space appeals to me.