“It’s All Fun and Games Until You Can’t Order A Cake.” – Mrs. Sirni


“It’s all fun and games until you can’t order a cake.”

-Mrs. Sirni


What cake?  What cake?  They always ask.  Don’t you know?

( In my other life, I teach the youth of America.  High School.  Seniors.  Yup.)

Back to the cake…I tell them this every year on the first day of school.  It’s vague and catchy all at once.  Immediately, they are intrigued.  What cake?  They want to know…

The Graduation Cake, of course.

I tell them, every year, that when the guidance counselor calls to break the unhappy news, the first words out of the mother’s  mouth is always, “but I ordered the cake!”

They laugh, of course, because that’s the normal reaction of teenagers…laugh heartily at their moms.   Yet, I repeat it through the year.  They don’t always believe it.

Until.  Their mother gets That Call.

So I am here today to remind you, one and all, don’t break your mother’s heart.  Do your work and graduate.  Your parents want you to get a good education so that you can get a good job.  You’ll have to pay for their nursing home and they’ll want a good one.

Trust me.